The activities on March 07 as a prelude to International Women's Day began in the morning with a sports march which brought together all the women of the city of Yabassi, in particular the Director of the ISH and his collaborators supervised by the administrative authorities of the city, including the Prefect of Nkam department.

Sport march of the Women atYabassi supervised by the authorities

Later, a conference was also held under the supervision of the Director of ISH on the theme of the women's day. Then a sporting event, the inter-women's football final, kicked off by the Director, opposing the women of the staff and students of the ISH to the other women of Yabassi, ended in victory for the women of the ISH.

Conference on the theme of the IWD 2022 edition and free HIV/AIDS screening



Kick-off of the Inter-women's Football final by the Director of ISH

Women from ISH vs the others of Yabassi. Victory: ISH Women

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