The ISH had the pleasure of receiving the Regional Delegate of the Minproff for the coastal Region accompanied by her Departmental Delegate for the Nkam for the launch of activities of Women's Week, through educational talks with the university community. The Director of the ISH extended a warm welcome to them and encouraged the girls of her establishment to show determination in their studies.

The Director of ISH is receiving the Delegate of Minproff/LT

The preparations for International Women's Day, taking place with excitement in the various campuses, notably included sports, intellectual and culinary activities. Football matches took place in particular on friendly meetings between women but also between men.

To give an overview of the matches, that of the boys played in honor of the Women, on the kick off of the Director of the ISH, resulted in an equal score of 3 goals for the Western boys against 3 goals for those of Ngog lituba. The inter-women's championship, which included the meeting during a football match between the students of level 4 and those of level 2, ended for this day with a score of 0 goals against 2 in favor of the level 2.

Student's football teams for ISH

Within the Processing and Quality Control of aquatic products Laboratory, a training was given on the manufacture of liquid soap with spirulina, and another one on the extraction of fish oil. Although these activities were primarily aimed at women, men also wanted to take part in these training sessions to enhance their knowledge.


Special Training course to the LAVACOQ Laboratory

Cycles of lectures to promote Women have been set up at the ISH Gymnasium on a wide variety of themes with teachers from the establishment and former female students as speakers.

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