As usual, Women returned to parades this year during the celebration of International Women's Day in Yabassi. The parade, which since the advent of COVID-19 had stopped, was allowed again this year ; which further contributed to the beauty of this celebration of Women. The Prefect of Nkam wanted to personally support the Women by taking the first place in the stands. The ISH, which is headed by a woman, Prof. Tomedi Eyango Minette épse Tabi, shone with a thousand lights with her community during the parade. The female staff among which the teachers and the administrative body also took part in the celebrations, without forgetting female students, the main attraction by their youth. Despite the absence of loincloths during this edition, Women of the ISH mobilized to wear those of previous years still in good condition.

The festivities continued in catering areas for preparing the rest of the week.


Public talk of the Prefect of Nkam


Parade of female students on the feast place

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