At the request of the TUBE AWU association, which deals with Research and Development issues for the conservation and preservation of marine and coastal biodiversity in the Mayangue Na Elombo Campo Marine Park and its peripheral area, press release N°008/22 /UD/ISH/DA/DSSE/SSIP of the Director of the Institute of Fisheries Sciences invited students from levels 3, 4 and 5 of the GECA, GEPE and OCEA courses, on November 16, to an exchange with a view to a better knowledge of the activities of this organization likely to be a place of internship and professional integration.

During this meeting, Dr Nyamsi Tchatcho Nectaire Lié took the floor to mark the beginning in the presence of about fifty students from the GEPE, GECA, and OCEA sectors already installed for the occasion. After presenting the program of this meeting, the floor was given to Professor NACK Jacques for the word of welcome in his capacity as Head of the Fisheries Management Department and representative of the Director of the Institute of Fisheries Sciences (ISH) from the University of Douala in Yabassi for the said circumstance. He expressed ISH's gratitude for receiving the TUBE AWU Research and Development Community Association. He then drew the attention of the students to the interconnectivity between the different training courses at ISH, illustrated through the activities of TUBE AWU. Likewise, he insisted on the challenges and opportunities offered by the professional environment.

The communication itself, delivered by Ir. Ndjamo Ndounteng Rodric Xavier, Research Coordinator at TUBE AWU, initially consisted of the presentation of the members of the TUBE AWU association who traveled with him, in particular its President in the person of Mr Gnamaloba Denis and the Head monitoring fishing activities, the Ir. Wamba Tchinda Joel. Secondly, the Project Coordinator enlightened the audience, among other things, on the meaning of the expression TUBE AWU (Our ocean in French), general information about the association such as the date and context of its creation, its vision and its missions. He also presented the context of the creation of the National Marine Park: Manyange Na Elombo Campo and the activities carried out there by the association. And finally, TUBE AWU's strategic plan for the next five years, highlighting its axes and actions, was also detailed.


Family photo with the participants


       Word of welcome from Pr NACK Jacques, Head of the Department of Fisheries Management and representative of the Director of the ISH




A view of the participants in the exchange with the TUBE AWE Association

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