Dr PAHANE MBIADA Majesté is a young teacher-researcher at the Institute of Fisheries Sciences and Aquatic Sciences who filed and obtained, with his research team, a patent of invention on the manufacture of thermal insulation applied to the manufacture of isothermal bags. The sustainable management of fisheries resources and their development are themes that have so far been the subject of concern for public authorities. Dr. PAHANE and his team have decided to reduce the heavy use of non-biodegradable resources to convert to local and sustainable products, with less negative environmental impact. Cameroon is indeed a country endowed with rivers rich in shrimp and other crustaceans. By making the by-products of their exploitation reusable for purposes other than edible, shrimp shells will no longer just be seen as waste that sometimes needs to be disposed of. This team, through its work, makes it possible to reduce pollution due to their deposit in the environment. In the same way, since wood chips are products that meet ecological needs, they can be rationally reused and recycled. Cassava also as one of the most consumed roots in Cameroon, is also incorporated by its starch which had not yet been oriented towards the conservation of medicinal products. The resulting thermal insulation and especially the manufactured insulated bag will allow the conservation of medical products and samples requiring maintenance of temperature conditions during transport.

We believe that the issuance of this patent is a real opportunity for Cameroon and the international community to encourage technological innovation based on fisheries and ecological resources whose valuation is further demonstrated. Congratulations to our teacher and his team.


Dr. PAHANE MBIADA Majesté, Enseignant-Chercheur à l'ISH de l'Udo, Chargé de Cours. Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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« My name is PAHANE MBIADA Majesté, Teacher-Researcher, Lecturer at the Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences of the University of Douala in Yabassi. I hold a PhD in Food Microbiology and Biotechnology obtained in co-supervision between the National School of Agroindustrial Sciences (ENSAI) of the University of Ngaoundéré and the School of Industrial Biology (EBI) of Cergy Pontoise in Paris, France.

My thesis theme covering industrial microbiology, food biochemistry and technology, food processing engineering, food physico-chemistry and nutrition. I have developed proven skills in the field of fermented food technology through optimization associated food processes. These skills have been used in the training of young Cameroonians at the University of Douala and in various Professional Institutes of Higher Education.

My current research work aims to enhance the value of fisheries resources and integrate a health and food safety component through a global program to assess the quality components of food and water as well as the associated antimicrobial resistance. Also, the industrial component aims to isolate and identify microorganisms of technological interest that can revolutionize the market for fermented foods and probiotics using processes developed and tested on a pilot scale. The same applies to the manufacture of biomaterials from polymers isolated from the co-products of the transformation of fishery resources, an axis under which our invention is grafted.

Which invention comes from a joint project carried out with the Gic Bellomar Company, a pioneer in the valuation of shrimp shells in Cameroon. This multidisciplinary team brings together chemical engineers, process engineers, process science researchers, economists and educational engineers. We have several ongoing projects whose outputs will be delivered to you in due course. »


Congratulation letter from the Rector of the University of Douala

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