On March 1st, the ISH had the immense privilege of seeing the opening ceremony of the distance teacher training as part of the "Tilapia back to Africa" ​​project, in cooperation with Shanghai Ocean University from China. The selected teachers are currently following and since the opening ceremony, this fully distance online training which will last 06 months; during which they will benefit from the expertise and technology of Chinese researchers in order to implement them in Africa in general and in Cameroon in particular. This continuous teacher training is a great opportunity offered by the University of Douala and the University of Shanghai, which thus open a great door to long-term cooperation.

In the absence of the Rector, Pr. Ondoa Magloire, the Director of the ISH, Pr. Tomedi Eyango Minette épse Tabi, wished a cordial welcome in his introductory speech by videoconference, to all the participants connected in Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana, Nigeria and from China. Because indeed, this training also includes learners from these other African countries.

Extract of the Director's speech in videoconference :

“ Dear Directors, Leaders, Guests, Staff, Students and Alumni of Shanghai Ocean University.

Dear participants,

It is a great pleasure and an honor for me to address you here, on behalf of the Rector of the University of Douala, Pr Magloire Ondoa who was not available, to open this conference, using modern tools of distance communication.

We are starting these programs in a situation where most of the teaching has been done remotely since 2020. Teachers and students have become accustomed to new practices and have achieved great results. The coronavirus pandemic has created a new normal for us, which we will have to live with for the time being. Taking the virus into consideration has become part of everyday safety.

I am going to take the opportunity of this opening ceremony to warmly thank Shanghai Ocean University and all the staff for these programs, especially the coordinator Dr Narcisse who played a main role.

The  theme, 'Tilapia back to Africa', is  revealing and brings hope for the development of aquaculture and the strengthening of food self-reliance in Africa. Indeed, tilapia of African origin, is also a symbol, the flagship fish of all our aquaculture development programs with our bilateral and multilateral partners. And we know how much research, training and support to investors have enabled China to be today the leader in world production, and a source of inspiration for Africa. This means that your reflections, your recommendations in terms of research, training, or action plans in the field, will be of a nature to support and boost the rich cooperation between China, Cameroon and Africa in general, and more specifically between the University of Douala through the ISH and the University of Shanghai.

Providing continuous learning opportunities has become a high priority for all universities. The University of Douala is looking forward for more cooperation.

Dear students. It is a new challenge for you to meet and learn in a completely new environment. Interact with foreign teachers and others foreign students, will enable you to increase your learning and research skills. You have to do everything you can to ensure that the success of these programs is effective.

I also warmly welcome students from Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana and Senegal. 

I wish you every success in your work and thank you for your attention.”


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