NDEMA NSOMBO Eugene1,2*, AKO'O BENGONO Frédéric1, ETAME Jacques2, NDONGO DIN3, AJONINA Gordon1,4 and Paul BILONG5


1Department of Aquatics Ecosystem's Management, Institute of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences (ISH), University of

Douala, P. O. Box. 24157 Douala – Cameroon.

2Department of Geosciences and Environment, Faculty of Sciences, University of Douala, P. O. Box. 24157 Douala- Cameroon.

3Department of Botany, Faculty of Science, University of Douala, P.O. Box. 24157 Douala-Cameroon.

4Cameroon Wildlife Conservation Society, P. O. Box. 54 Mouanko, Littoral Region-Cameroon.

5Department of Earth Sciences, Faculty of Sciences, University of Yaoundé, P. O. Box. 812 Yaounde-Cameroon.


Received 3 July, 2015; Accepted 25 August, 2015

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This  study was  conducted  to  assess the  capacity of  mangroves soils  to  stock  carbon  and  how degradation can influence its various properties. Transect method was performed. So, two transects of light inside the degraded transect (Brown to grayish) than the natural transect (brown to blackish) while100 m length and 10 m wide were established according to the degradation level. Total of 18 Soil samples were taken to be described and analysed. The degraded transect (T1) shows a mean carbon stock value of 2102.06 ± 405 Mg.ha-1 while natural (T ) accumulate 2476.6 ± 409 Mg.ha-1. Colour are more


spots are more colored in natural transect (gray and yellow) than degraded one (yellow). pH mean value showed that soils of degraded transect was more acidic than those of natural one. Organic matter amount was very high and proves that these soils can be valorized to agricultural activities without previous enrichment. Total Nitrogen was low in the two transects while the available phosphorus values showed that natural transect has more available phosphorus that can be used by the plants than degraded transect. So, degradation would take along reduction of available phosphorus rate in the soils. According to this result showing important different values of carbon stock and soils properties between natural and degraded transect, it is necessary to implement conservation methods in order to stop degradation and enhance capacity of mangroves soils properties.


Key words: Bamusso, degraded transect, natural transect, soils, values.